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A collection of playlists made by me and my friend. Playlist links page is a homemade clone of linkfire.


A fork of goindex made to work with Cloudflare wrangler, with some extra features.


A simple multiplatform Minecraft modpack installer build with Electron.


A Telegram bot that notifies you when a new track from the artist you follow has been released on Spotify.


An implementation of Microsoft Minesweeper in pure JS.

Javascript Slot Machine

A simple slot machine made in vanilla javascript. School project.

Distortify Video

A simple GTK app to make Content Aware Scale videos.

Browser ID3 Writer

A fork of a pure JS library for writing ID3 v2.3 tags on mp3 files. I've added some new tags.

Osservatorio meteorologico di Ronchi dei Legionari

Website completely remade in PHP starting from compiled code. The design stayed untouched.